Come on in to this home for my jewellery and other stuff. I hope it will continue to grow as I hope to continue to grow in myself.
I do love a good bit of salty language, and encourage all who join me here to express yourselves in your truest forms! Enjoy yourselves xx

Saturday, 30 June 2012


Now then - if any of you can tell me how to speed up the process of uploading a home video clip, I would be very grateful!!
Damnation - the judging is done, and the winners picked, but the cinematic footage won't upload.
So, you're just going to have to contain your excitement for another day!!! I know it won't be easy, but trust me, girls, it'll be worth it!


Monday, 18 June 2012

All Change

Remember me???  Well, after such a shamefully long absence, I'm back with a new name, and a GIVEAWAY, hopefully one that someone might actually want!!  So this will mean a certain hairy fella will be donning his judging wig, and a thoughtful expression again.  This was how he responded to the news!

He seemed less than overjoyed for some reason!

So, to get right to it, this is what's on offer. This time, there's three chances -

This .....

Or these....

or this bag of beads....

Anyone know any good jokes? That's the competition. Simple!

So where have I been, during this lengthy blog departure?? Do you even care any more??  I was going to say that I've finally grown a pair, but that would be a whole different announcement! After a year of pathetically quivering in my boots, I plucked up the courage to hawk my wares in the world that lives outside of my computer, and to my amazement and joy, have found a warm welcome here -

at the Lyn Valley Art and Crafts Centre in Lynton.
It's been hugely exciting for me, and I've managed to sell fourteen pieces so far, which I'm absolutely delighted about.  Here's my space -

Anyone familiar with my previous Jewel Identity shop on Etsy, may recognise a lot of the items, but in addition to those, I've made around three hundred new pieces, which hopefully explains why I haven't been anywhere near my poor, neglected blogette!!

As well as that lot, I've been busy packing, because we're leaving this beautiful valley to move into our own home, just a few minutes away from the art centre, and lovely Lynmouth. I couldn't be more thrilled!!!
So instead of staring up at the trees, this will be my new view from the top of our garden.

I still can't quite believe I'm going to have a monkey puzzle tree in my own garden!!

I can't deny that I'll miss this lot though.

But, I don't think Mack can wait, as he feels like he's under house arrest most of the time!

It'll be these guys that I miss the most though. My rodent fancying has become something of an obsession of late!

                                                               My favourite, Cyril


I'm thinking that if I hang around in those trees covered in peanut butter, that it won't be long before I make the aquaintance of some new nut lovers.

Once I'm settled in my new home, I'll be producing some new bead selections for my etsy shop, now called Scorched Earth on Etsy, in addition to some new finished pieces that will be available at the art centre, or as custom orders.

I really hope you'll have a go at winning the giveaways, and make this boy laugh!!  He'll be picking the winners on the 30th June.

Till then, I hope you're all happy and healthy, and enjoying some summer sunshine.