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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cyril, The Super Squirl!

Duh - it's easy once you know how!  Ok, so it took me a little while, but I figured it out eventually!!

Well, the winners have been picked, but not by this old grump who just doesn't want to play this game anymore.

So instead, my new mate Cyril, happily leapt in to help me out!
First of all, I'd like to thank all of you for your splendid jokes, and just for being sweet enough to take any notice of me after so long!! I'd love to be able to give all of you something, but the postage would cripple me!

As it turns out, Cyril is a right little tart!!!

What a stinker!!  Were you all on the edge of your seats there??

I'm offering five prize choices, so just convo me, and let me know which one you'd like. I thought that beads would probably be of more use, but the choice is yours!

Sycamore Leaf Necklace, or

Selection of earrings, or

Bead Selection 1, or

                                                                Bead Selection 2, or

                                                                 Bead Selection 3

So here's what happened when the little lad stopped dancing about, and made his mind up!

Congratulations, Sue !!

He's on a roll now - so on to his second choice......

I hope this makes up for missing out the last time, Skye!

Next one, accompanied by a nosy peahen, is ......

Kimberly - I think it was the douche joke that swung it for you!!!

and, one more for luck -

Well done, Marcia - I hope this makes your day a little brighter!

Apologies to those who didn't get picked by those bony fingers, but thank you again for you contributions, I really enjoyed them.

Soooooo - beads and things, then.  I'll be changing all the listings in my Etsy shop over the next week. Finally listening to the voices of reason, and breaking up my big selections into pairs and singles. These are a few of some new  offerings, with more to come in about a week or so.


I hope you'll enjoy the new look shop.

Well now, it seems only fair to share with you one of my favourite jokes!!
It's very silly, and if you guys over the pond aren't familiar with this most British of culinary delights, then this will be completely lost on you!!! Ha haaaa.

A young lad, Sidney, starts a work experience placement at London Zoo. On his first day, he's told to report to the head zoo-keeper to be assigned his duties. 
'I need you to go and clean the tropical fish tank, but be very careful, as these are rare species, and extremely valuable', he tells him. Eager to please, Sidney sets about carefully lifting the fish out of the tank, and places them in a bucket of water. He thoroughly cleans the fishtank, and refills it with clean water. To his horror, when he goes to collect the fish, he finds that they're all dead. He doesn't know what to do, so in his panic, he takes the bucket of fish, and throws them over the fence into the lion's enclosure, then hurries off to find the zoo-keeper.
'That was quick, lad - well done', he says to the rather sheepish, Sidney.
'Now, I'd like you to go and give the chimps cage a bit of a sorting out, as it's in a right old mess. You've got to watch them though, because they can be a bit aggressive'.  So, keen to make amends, Sidney sets off to the chimps cage. They're a lively bunch, but he manages to shoosh them out into a holding pen, and he gives their cage a good mucking out.  Feeling rather pleased with his efforts, he opens the door of the holding pen to let them back in to their, now pristine, cage. Oh no! Two of them have been fighting, and they lay there in a bloody mess. Dead-o.  A cold sweat creeps over poor Sidney - what to do??? He scoops them up into his wheelbarrow, and once again, makes his way round to the lion's enclosure, and lobs them over the fence.
Back he slopes to the zoo-keeper.
'You're doing well, son', says the unsuspecting keeper,  'Now if you can just head over to the bee hives, and cut the grass around them. Nice and quietly now, Sid, because they don't like a lot of noise'.
Determined not to have any more accidents, young Sidney gets out the mower and sets about cutting the grass.  He's doing well, but then his foot gets tangled up in the lead, and he trips up, letting go of the mower. Off it trundles, right into one of the hives, with a whirring and splattering and crunching. Oh dear.  What a sticky mess.  Utterly dejected, Sidney scoops up the bee and honey mixture into his barrow, and once more makes his way to the lions.
'The zoo is not the place for me', thinks Sidney, as he sadly trudges off home.

The next morning, a new lion is delivered to the zoo. Keen to make friends, he wanders off to the other lions.
'Hello boys, I'm new. So, what's it like here then?', he asks.
'Not bad really, mate', one of them replies,
'The food's good - yesterday, we had fish, chimps and mushy bees!!!'


Worth the wait?? Not really?!! I did tell you it was very silly!

Well, that's about all from me this time. Thank you again to all of you for entering my little competition, and well done to Sue, Skye, Kimberly and Marcia. I'll look forward to hearing from you with your choices and addresses.
Hopefully, my next post will be coming from my new home, where I'm hoping to attract some new rodent mates. How am I going to be able to bring myself to leave this plucky little soul though???


Till next time then. I hope you're all enjoying some wonderful warm, sunny weather.
Oh, and a big, warm welcome to Nicola, ShellyJo and the very talented Tribalis!!