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Sunday, 8 April 2012

A Funky Interlude

Once again, I seem to be repeatedly muttering the same inane question to myself - 'Where does the time go???', although really, I should be asking myself how I manage to fit so much less into it than others seem to!! 
Just a few out of the ordinary events, have sent me into a flat spin, that has left my latest collection sitting in a measly and charred heap, just waiting to get their sparkle on and smile prettily at my camera!  For that rare pleasure though, I'm going to have to keep you all waiting for just a few more days, but for now, I'm going to share with you the splendours of that very talented, but oddly shy birdie, Jackie from Funky Trunk Creations. You may all know her from Mizz Fanciful's blog and forum, on which she is an avid commenter, and also from her Etsy vintage shop, Funky Trunk.  After some consistent, and what I prefer to think of, as gentle encouragement, she has now opened her delectable bloggy doors. Just the banner alone made my heart skip a beat, and then came the pictures!!! Not BIG enough for my liking, so I shall attempt to rectify that here!!

Gorgeous, eh? - There's more - SOOO much more!

I love them all, but this one's my favourite. 
Unfortunately it won't be for sale. I'm unsure of how many, if any, of the pieces in this collection will be featuring in Jackie's new shop. If you read her words in this post, then you'll be able to understand why.  She's busy at work creating new pieces though, which I can't wait to see.
For now though, we have these lovelies to feast our peepers on.

The cruel mysteries of Blogger won't allow me to big this one up for some reason - bah! 


 Oh YEAH! Now you're talking!! I just LOVE her soldering technique in this one.

 How damn beautiful is that??!!!

So, if you haven't been over there yet, do yourself a favour! But make sure you have a hanky on you.  Jackie is such an extraordinarily resilient lady, and has managed to overcome some emotionally and physically crippling life events, and yet come through the other side with her wonderful sense of humour intact, and ready to embrace this new chapter in her life.  After learning more about her life, I felt all the more touched by the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, that she has used in her etsy shop header.

     "What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

I wish her all the very best in her new shop venture, and can't wait to see what beauties come from her hands next.

Well, we've had some beautiful days here lately, which has made chips on the beach in Lyntmouth, kind of essential!!  Not that I need to try and find an excuse for that particularly delightful pastime! What a gutbucket I truly am!
I know, I know, you've already seen pictures of Lynmouth, but it's one of my most favourite places, so indulge me a little!

It's such a ridiculously pretty little place, and I spent a most delicious few hours there on the beach last week when my gorgeous friend, Helen came over from Ireland for a visit.  Just in case you're now muttering disgruntled-ly that my disgraceful chip eating is the reason for the delay in my new beads, I have also just started a part-time job, which is the main reason - honest!!!
Well - that, and the discovery that steel clay and bronze clay do not complement each other in a kiln firing.  I won't bore you with the details of carbon, and restricting oxygen - and the subsequent pain in the arse of a result that has on bronze clay, but just let you know that it makes everything very much slower and muckier, and turns me into a big, old potty mouth!! Grrrrr.

My fuzzy lad has been having a whale of a time lately, and he took me for a walk the other day to show me his favourite new place. I think it brings out the tiger in him!


He does like a nice paddle.

Well now, I'll see if dastardly Blogger will allow me to show you some extra pictures from the sculpture gardens this time, including some more of the spooky Mike Roles installation that made such an impact on me.

Nope, still doesn't have the same taste in sculpture as me! Maybe next time. But, managed to get these ones up.


These guys were pretty creepy too.

 Well, that's all from me for now, but I hope to be back very soon with some new selections to show you.

A big, warm welcome too, to the enigmatic Bauforscher with the wicked avatar, Sue the CoffeeFreek and future Old, Gray, Jewelry-making Hippy Chick, and the spectacularly talented Tracy from PipnMolly. It's a delight to see you here!!


                                     Hoppy Easter!!



  1. Petra! Love your posts. And Jackie's site is on my radar, lovely stuff! I had to laugh, as your cat is so lovely - and the caption of him standing in the middle of that creek (?) you HAD to say 'he does like a nice paddle. Hah!

    That sculpture garden. It's really incredible. The one of the pants and the shoes? Creeps me out, but it's powerful too.

  2. Ha ha, I'm quite sure it's meant to creep people out!! The whole installation got right under my skin.
    That old boy of mine does like to go in the water, which is odd for a pusscat.
    Yeah, go check out that funky trunk blog - I just knew she had some good stuff hiding under that bushel of hers!!
    By the way, I've just been updating my members corner, and LOVE those new earrings of yours - VERY cool!!

  3. Yay! A post from Petra. I agree...Jackie's work is fantabulous!!

    And YOU with a part time job? Yikes. I hope you love it though. :)

    Lynmouth looks wonderful..I'd love to see it sometime. And what's up with your cat liking to get in the water?!? Unheard of. ;)

    I like the sculpture...wish I could see it all in person too. I want to see a lot of things in person. :)

    I've only fired bronzclay. Sorry you're having probs with it all. I do think I recall that you aren't supposed to mix metal clays in firing. Oops? ;)
    Have a great week!

    1. Bronze clay and silver make great kiln partners, the problem was with the steel, or rather the carbon bath it was sitting in! Hey ho - another lesson learned.
      Yeah, ME with a J-O-B!!! Ha haaaaaaa - it may have some considerably more interesting possibilities if I play my cards right too! You'll know if it pans out, because i'll be crowing about it in a thoroughly indecent fashion!!!
      Mackie's such a star with his funny ways, and always up for a photoshoot!! Such a tart!
      Ha ha, I wish i could show you more from the sculpture garden, but Blogger seems to be rather picky about which ones it'll let me upload for some weird reason.
      Hope you're enjoying a eggcellent easter!

  4. Awww what a lovely post as always. So good to see your wonderful Lynmouth again.
    What a beautiful strength of character Jackie has, not to mention her gorgeous work. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Sorry that the kiln is giving you fits, you notice I'm blaming the kiln not the metals mixing, eh? Congrats on the job! Hope you love it! Mackie is quite the unique furry guy, isn't he? Perfect little walk companion from the looks of it. And more great sculpture?! Wow, you've filled this post with fabulous!

    1. Ha haaaaaa, was that like Lynmouth - agaaaaaain - yawn!!! It's the only place I've been lately, so that's all I've got!!!
      Yeah, he's a great mate to have, and very 'doggy' when we go out for a walk!He needs to take man down there today while I'm working, to get some bamboo for a little job he's been assigned!!!

  5. Oh Petra, I'm so honored and humbled to be featured on your awesome blog. I thank you for taking the time to make me look so good. And thank you to everyone for your lovely comments. I even had three sales in my little Etsy shop...thank you dear lady!

    Mackie is quite the dude! He is quite a gorgeous creature, quite photogenic - love that beautiful tail. I had a cat, Zipper, that loved water, she and I would walk to the lake and swim together.

    The sculpture garden dudes look like aliens...very creepy! Sorry about your latest collection not cooperating for you. Can't wait to hear about the job!!

    Hugs to ya!
    ...Jackie xo

  6. I forgot to tell you how beautiful the photos of Lynmouth are. I can see how such a place would be easy to fall in love with and require frequent visits and lots of pics. The boats do look strange without water!

    1. I'm glad you like your bit of a feature, and I can't wait to see your new shop up and running, and what new beauties you've been creating. I'm sure your sales had nothing at all to do with me though!!
      Oh wow, Zipper sounded like an amazing lady- swimming together?!!! How wonderful!
      Yeah, i can't wait to hear about this other possible aspect of the job either!! I need to get cracking on that this morning - amongst other things!!

  7. Hey Petra! Your kitty boy is such a flirt. He just looks at the camera and waits for magic to happen. Thanks so much for the welcome.

    I want to walk on the beach too............wait I live in Illinois, I have no beach, well I could go to Chicago and walk on the beach of Lake Michigan...., well I could if I wanted to. WAIT, I am going to Chicago this coming weekend.......I CAN WALK ON A BEACH!!! Ok, that's out of my system. ;)

    Best wishes on the job, hope it all works out just the way it should.

    Three cups and counting............

    1. Aw hey, it's lovely to have you here! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your beads!!
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend in Chicago - is there much to be found on Lake Michigan beach??I hope you have some good beachcombing weather.
      Three cups and counting! Hoooey, do you sleep much??!!!!!
      Thanks for the job wishes - it could be the start of something very exciting!!! Eeek!