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Sunday, 15 April 2012

At Last!!!!

Hallelujah! Finally, my new selections are finished and listed in the shop after what has seemed like forever. So, please forgive this post filled with shameful hawking of my wares, in exchange for me being able to be a better follower of all your lovely blogs, now that I've come up for air!!!

Well, this time, I'm just giving you a taste of what these selections are made up of. They're mostly beach themed, with a light summery feel. At least, that's the effect I was trying for, you may disagree!!! 

Ok - to kick off, it's bead caps.
I haven't used this glaze before, it's called Catalina Blue, and I love how fresh and clean it looks on the porcelain, which is strange for me, as I'm normally drawn to the more dark and grungy!!

These - getting darker .....

Nice and rustic on terracotta, with my favourite Antique Turquoise glaze.


Moving on, there's feathers,

 coconut halves,
terracotta bark tablet beads,                                                                 
eggs - speckled and glazed.

I've made some mouldings and stampings of a little bird I made. 

I was trying for hummingbirds. With the exception of a few gourd like things, and the stamped pendants, I've made these selections up from pairs of things, as per fanci's suggestion, so that they'll be of more use for making earrings.

Shells, in various guises.

 A couple of fossil mouldings.

Some house shaped bezels with PMC3 and Bronze clay,

and these gourd shaped pods - some rattle. Oh - those last three weren't pairs at all, were they?  These are though -

and these -

Not quite what I had in mind, but they're an interesting finish, and once I stopped shrieking in horror, I decided that I quite liked them! The metal clays have rubbed off in places, which makes them look more aged and primitive.

Same thing happened with these, but again, I don't know - I rather like them that way.  I'll just have to see if anyone else shares that vision!!!

What else? - Oh yes, hoops - LOTS of hoops!!

These, just bisque fired and unglazed, which could have a finish added on top, or just left raw.

Oh, and some buttons -

These have been fired with bronze and silver metal clay -

and these have glaze and metal clay, which I was pretty pleased with. A skinny finger could wear these as rings. There'll be more of these next time in different colours.
I think that's it for those. What of the amphoras, I hear you ask - yes, I'm sure I hear a small distant voice asking that question. Well, here they are - still sitting and patiently waiting.

Some of those are from before, that have been fired again with more metal clay, and these are the newest ones.

There's one more, but it's a present for our Funky Jackie. I'm just waiting for the arrival of a flex shaft now to make  life a whole lot easier. Janet seemed surprised that I had been making do with a cordless Dremel, so I'm expecting great things from a mains driven grinder/polisher.

Well now, I bet you're all glad that's over!! Not half as glad as I am to have got through all that listing. Which I did with this on my lap!

After the first dozen, I let him take over!

He does SO much more than just look pretty!!!

I hope you like my latest efforts, and I'll try not to leave things so long next time, but I'm about to start working on a new range of finished jewellery, that will hopefully be taken on in a few shops around Devon - eek!!

 Just in case you didn't properly catch sight of the easter bunny hiding in the undergrowth last time - here's one of it's children  - awwwwwww!!!

Till next time .....................




  1. Wow you have been busy! Nice selection of boobies err beadcaps. Drooling over the 'grunge rings' and the loopy links

    1. Hi Greer,
      I'm thrilled to see you over here! Ha haaaaaa - you like my rack then?!!!! - and my accidental grunge finish! How often does that happen, I wonder? That what appears to be a disaster, will end up as desirable!!! Maybe I'll end up turning it into a tute, called 'How to Screw up Metal Clay!!!' Haaaaaaa

  2. Love those bead caps, and feathers, want hoops too, shells are better than the real thing too...I'll just clear up my drool and start counting my pennies

    1. Awwww, you're too kind, Marcia! Great to hear, as I've just not been at all sure about this lot for some reason. Spent too long on it, probably - happens every time .....

  3. ok...there’s not one single thing here that I am not lusting over...your kicking butt across the pond...really great work

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much, Cynthia!! It really means a lot to get such great feedback. When things have been too long in the making, you start to lose sight of whether they're any good or not, so I REALLY appreciate your comments.

  4. Petra! This is all so incredibly awesome! I especially like ALL the hoops..Great work, kiddo!

    And your cat cracks me up! :D

  5. Okay... I love those little house bezels too! OKAY, dadgummit... I love it all!! :D

  6. I keep forgetting things! I'm so jealous that you're getting a flex shaft. I think I'm next to order one!

    AND of course your jewelry will be a HUGE hit in the local shops. Good for you!!

    1. Oh WOW, thank you!!!! Ha ha, I felt the same about your soldering station!!!I've just watched the postie walking away from my door having NOT delivered my flex shaft - boo hiss boo!
      I'm so glad you like my new stuff, and thanks for the vote of confidence for this next possible venture. It's still a wait and see prospect at the moment, but you never know.
      Fuzzy Mack has just been on trip to the post office! He follows me like a dog, and must have climbed in the car behind me. Daft thing.

  7. What a delicious assortment. I was already going crazy over the coconuts over on Etsy. Fun fun!
    xoxo Kim

    1. Awwww, thanks Kim,
      Praise indeed - they're not a patch on your beautiful beads though.SO glad you like my coconuts!!!

    2. Whatchew talking about!!!? I want you to know that you've been inspiring me to make new shapes.
      If you ever want to do a trade I'd be happy. I just need to get back to Alaska and then we can talk. It's that time of year when I can't order anything because the package might not arrive in time before the move.

    3. Get away with you!!! What an extraordinary notion!!!!
      Hope you have a smooth transition back to your other home - how exciting to live in two places. Are they completely different?
      LOVE your new Criffles by the way!!

  8. I don't even know where to start! This s an amazingly cool set of beads and hoops and beadcaps and birds and eggs and yes the coconuts! Fantastic stuff, Petra! The ladies have already said it all....wow.....not a thing I'm not lusting after........etc. love the finishes, both intended and not. What a happy surprise! Just gorgeous! You've outdone yourself with this incredible set of work. LOVE it! May I say it again? Wow!

    1. Oh, Youuuuuuu!! You're tooooo sweet, Janet! Thank you, as always, for your kind support and encouragement, you're such a hunny. Especially glad you like the unintended finish!! What a stroke of luck!!
      Time to start thinking up what's next now. Crackle glaze will featuring strongly .......

  9. Hallelujah indeed!! I'm loving all of it, especially the wonky face, the linking hoops that set you shrieking! I'm totally loving the bronze and silver clay outcomes. The beads, connectors and hoops, and the bead caps are making me shriek!! And too many exclamations marks!! That boy of yours is multi-talented along with being most handsome.

    I had a stroke of luck at one of my Saturday yard sales jaunts, I found a near new cordless Dremel and tons of never used Dremel tools in a nice display container for twenty dollars. Also among my haul was a fifty-cent flex shaft!! Needless to day I'm a happy camper!!

    Oh the baby bunny is so cute! What did I forget, everything is so awesome I must have failed to mention something. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of your gorgeous new babies! Oh of course! You new job, so exciting, I hope it turns out to be all that you're thinking it will be.

    ...Jackie xo

  10. Awww, thank you, funky Jackie!! Oooh, you lucky cat, with your yard sale haul!!! Well spotted!
    I hope that this job turns into more too, but I'm trying not to get too excited, just in case.
    Mackie says, thank you kindly for appreciating his wide range of skills!! He's sitting in front of the monitor, telling me what to type!
    Yeah, that wabbit is too cute - there's a whole bunch of them out there in the woods now, along with all the squirls - wonderful!!!


    1. Ummmm.... what happened to my post? I'll say it again.... I'm drooling over all the gorgeous bits! I especially love the hummingbirds and the house shapes. Love to you Petra!

  11. Ah, the joys of Blogger - it won't let me reply to that.
    Hi Rosie, and thank you so much for taking the time to comment twice! Ha, the hummingbirds need work! I gave up on them after those two! I seem to be more adept at making their skulls!!!Glad you like my little houses too.

  12. Received my gorgeous selection today....together with all the lovely presents.
    You made me the happiest "enigmatic" Bauforscher on earth.

  13. Hey Petra. Nice work there. I have looked at this post a couple times and always feel the same..............geez, I love this stuff.

    Hope the next chapter is coming along ok.

    Take care,

  14. Oh bleugh - my computer just will not play nicely these days, and now it won't let me add replies.
    A-HAAAA - Bauforscher is really my lovely fan, Ulrike!!! The mystery is over!!! I'm SO glad you liked your latest collection. Your continued support makes me pretty damn happy too!!! xoxoxoxoox

    Awwww, thank you, Coffee Sue, what a sweetie!! Hmmm, well, a bit of a mishap with the next chapter, so next week will be VERY busy!!!!

  15. what a great new banner! I love that all of your fabulous bits show up so nice and clear in it. It looks really wonderful. Woohoo. This rebranding seems as if it is as it should always have been. Perfectly done, Petra! Love it!

    Dear cracksmoking Christ this is ... just... oh my god!
    dude. YOU! you are going places lady. you got a gift, you do. and since each time you make a batch you seem to progress by leaps and bounds... you're gonna get there and back soon enough. then crash and burn, bwa-ha-ha... sorry, i just dont know many other ways to say ohmygod...
    no really. the caps, the rings, the links, the coconuts, the eggs, the birds, the house bezels, the gourds, the amphora... fucking cracksmokingchrist. the charm pairs!!! the metal clay rings with glaze that looks like verdigris patina!
    and wait, you say you're NOT productive?

  17. And buttons!
    And now i need a nap.

    1. HaHaaaaaa! Why thank you Mizz Fanci!! I'm a bit detached from all this stuff now, but I'm really glad you like it. Not sure what's next for the beads yet ....?
      Thank you for your help with the new matching etsy shop name - makes perfect sense!!!