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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Spring Has Sprung!!

I saw a bee yesterday! It must be Spring now!! Today is a beautifully sunny day in the valley, and I'm sat in here cursing my lousy internet connection!
Amazing isn't it - in the space of just a couple of weeks, it's gone from this -

                                                                         to this!!!

                                                                   Lovely stuff!!

Well now, I had the biggest thrill to find myself as a recipient of this award, thanks to the delightful Janna of Palimpa Lim's Wunderkammer. I was completely bemused as to why she might have done this thing, but, what can I say other than a big THANK YOU, Janna!!!  Now, that's the first rule of accepting this award -

                                  Showing it on my blog, is the second. See left <         

                The third is to list the rules. Anyone else getting a kind of Fight
                                                   Club feeling? No? Just me then!!

                                                           So - this is the deal.

1.   Add the award to your blog - tick
2.  Thank the blogger who nominated you - Again, dirty great Thank You to Janna!!!!
3.  List the rules - that's what I'm doing!
4.  Mention 7 random things about yourself - oh dear!
5.  Give the award to 15 bloggers, and
6.  Inform each of them by commenting on their blogs.

So, yeah, thanks Janna for all this work!!! Ha ha - just kidding, I love having the opportunity to shed some light on my faves.

But before I do that - 7 random things, eh? Ok, here goes, and I'll try not to offend anyone!!

1.   I'm very fond of gin!

2.  Once upon a long time ago, I was a musclebound herdswoman, looking           after a couple of hundred stroppy Jersey ladies. 
By which, I mean these -

not these !!!! -

3.  I'm struggling already.  I have a tattoo of the original illustration of the Cheshire Cat by Lord Tenniel on my bum! Thankfully, no picture sharing of that!

4. Moving swiftly on - As a child, I desperately wanted to be Dorothy Lamour, or failing that, Calamity Jane.

5.  My favourite films are Annie Hall and Angel Heart - what else would you expect from a Gemini?!

6.  I love talent shows like X Factor, and cry like a baby pretty much throughout!! Oh dear.

7.  Oh, thank heavens - no more - um ...... ok, I'm, a big fan of the most cheesy and awful 80's music imaginable!

Well now, if any of you had seen me as the cultured daughter of a fine artist, then I daresay my enjoyment of Mr. Christie up there has totally destroyed that for you!!!

Ok - so (thankfully) on to my 15 recipients of this somewhat double-edged pleasure!!

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13.   Sparrow Salvage
Sparrow Salvage

 Lively Fibers


Less Greed Company

I shall post on your blogs when I finish this if my connection will allow me to.

Well now - during this long period since I last posted anything, I've been wrestling with the formation of the hollow shape, and there's been many a curse-ridden moment! 
I'm more than a little bit in love with my little bottles and rattly beads though. These are my Egyptian inspired pieces so far -

That odd greeny colour is bronze clay paste, and the lighter stuff is unfired glaze. If these get wrecked during firing, I'll probably weep.

This stuff has more of a Mexican feel -

I'm really looking forward to hearing what noise they make after I've fired them. They have little clay rattler's inside them.

There's these little things on a vaguely Indian theme -

Janet's love of all things amphora have been inspiring me with this lot in porcelain.

They've got a way to go yet as I'll be putting some moulding on them.

Then there's these -

Yeah - bead caps - this is by no means all of them.

This is in a very early stage. It's taken from a moulding of an evergreen frond. Hey, Janet, are you checking out that shield shape??

Then some shell moudings.

There's a lot more besides and hopefully, I'll be ready to light my fire in another week.

Me and my man took a trip out to Woolacombe beach last weekend to see if we could find anything interesting on it, but it was particularly nasty weatherwise, and just non-stop sand. Stunning though. Look ...

They're not really showing you what the weather was doing, but this kind of does!!!!!

Bless him!!!
On a bright sunny day though, it must be spectacular down there.

The valley has been looking rather beautiful lately, with hazy spring morning sun bouncing off the misty cloud below.

A few days ago, I opened the door to find Mack staring at this, and I was instantly transported back to that beautiful film that I've watched  more times than I can remember.

Le Ballon Rouge by Albert Lamorisse, made in 1956. I watched this sooo many times as a child. There now, is that helping to restore the image of me as a painter's daughter, despite my enjoyment of Saddle Up and other such gruesome treasures??!!!!!!

Talking of my sexy boy - here he is enjoying his Valentine's Day dinner, all dressed up in his showgirl outfit!  Ain't he purdy?!

Full of squid and prawns at this stage! He's so cosmopolitan!!!

Oh , I'm sure you must all have revelled at Janet's latest astounding diorama by now, featuring the hairy beast within that most stunning of exteriors. But just in case, by some rare chance that you haven't - just get a good look at this !!!

These pieces make me gasp every time. She's just SOOOO talented, and a completely lovely being.

This was a loooooong time in the making, and I SO hope it goes to a good home. I just wish it could be mine.

Well now, I think that's about all from me for the time being. A big welcome to Roberta, Melinda (congratulations on your museum acceptance), Janna and Cynthia. It's always lovely to see new faces and new additions to the member's corner.

                    Back to the mud for me then. I'll return to show you how they look after they've been through the fire.         



  1. You really do live in the most beautiful spot!
    Thank you for awarding the most versatile blogger award to me! However, I am rightly and completely mystified that you have chosen me. feeling a wee bit delusional today or?? Seriously, thank you.
    So were you really a musclebound herdswoman? That explains your fascination with Ned's buffness, doesn't it?
    I'm trying to catch my breath after seeing those amphoras! You've outdone yourself! They're awesome and not even done yet! And... more beadcaps? yay! Love the shield shape with the cool tree frond. good stuff there, Petra!
    I must ask, the misty valley, how far do you have to drive to see a view like that? Or is it, gasp, within walking distance?
    Btw, It looks to me like Mack wants to bite you.
    Thank you for taking my yeti necklace for a trip around the world. Looks like he's having a great time visiting you over there!
    another great blog post. So refreshingly beautiful!

    1. I was indeed - strong as an ox!! It explains my somewhat clod-like ways around trays of delicate things!
      I'm glad you like the amphoras so far, but they've still got a way to go.
      That view is almost at the top of the valley that we live in the bottom of - about 1/4 of a mile deep. As for any ideas of me walking up there - yeah, ok!
      I think it's the shadow that makes the lad look so grumpy, 'cos he was having a whale of the time in his copacabana gear!!

  2. A delightful trip all the way around. Yes beautiful part of the world... Lucky you. thanks for the kind welcome.

    1. Thanks Cynthia, glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully my computer will be better behaved today, and let me add some pics to member's corner. I was ready to tear my hair out, and hurl the damn thing out of the window by the time I finished that post!!

  3. wow i love your new pretties! the amphora! (you do realize there has to be a way to connect the bodies too, right? tho i could figure out a few ways...) i adore all the hollow bits and the cute elephants! and what are you doing to your poor grumpy-faced cat! why are cats so grumpy faced all the time? its like we're imposing on their dignity just by looking at them....

    1. Oh yes, I have plans for connecting them. They're still a way off being finished yet. Dah, he loves being messed about with - makes him feel special!! That's just the way his face falls, but he was purring his chunk off at the time!

  4. A big thank you Petra for the blog award, I will be posting about it but just trying to catch up with the poo that's hit me, usually crap, failed mot, local education authority..arrgg. Any way about your cool rattles, loving those and the porcelian goodies, loving the archeology, ethnic, tribal thang. Everytime I see your cat I think Marlon Brandon, he's just so gangster.

    1. Blimey, every time i look at him i think Oscar Wilde!!! Despite his ability to look gruff on camera, he's the most ridiculous soft puddn'!!
      Oh dear - usual crap, eh - no fun at all.
      Bit of a lengthy process that blog award thing, so you may not end up thanking me after all!!

  5. What a long post! No wonder you got an award. ;) Love all your new stuff. Anxious to hear how the little noise makers do in the kiln.

    Thank you for the award, but I must decline. I'm sure you'll find another good soul to play along. :)

    1. I'm anxious to see how they turn out too!! I'll be most upset if they explode or anything.
      Ha ha - don't blame you for declining actually!! A wise move!!!

  6. Petra, thank you so much for your nomination, I have to tell you though that I got the most joy from this post reading about the seven random facts about yourself. I had no idea you were once a muscle bound woman looking after hundreds of jerseys, that is awesome. And do you take vermouth with your gin? I love your newest work, and I'm intrigued by your clay rattlers and bead caps... so pretty. xo!

    1. Yeah, it was an interesting time, but not one I'd care to repeat!! Vermouth? - no, Kim, nothing so refined!! Just cheap old tonic and ice!
      You're most welcome with the award thing, but as I was just saying to Marcia, you may end up cursing me for it!!

  7. This is quite a post! It must have taken ages to post all this.
    Your new work is awesome - can't wait to see the finished amphoras. And good to know that there will be some more bead caps. Come on, baby, light your fire ;)
    Thank you for awarding me back... :)

    1. Ha, yes it did!!! This is what happens when i leave it too long in between!!
      I'm feeling very excited about the amphoras and rattlers too, and am aiming to start a fire on Friday with a bit of luck!