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Friday, 13 January 2012

Views and News

Well, I shall attempt to stop being such an old misery dick for long enough to compose a half-decent post. Is IS January though, and well known for being a bit of a downer.  Buying that? No - me neither.
To lift my spirits then, I think I'll start by spreading some lurve to my little band of members, who've been kindly enough to show some interest in my bloggering.

Lovely Janet of the rapidly soaring Anvil Artifacts has got a gorgeous giveaway on the go at the moment, which is WELL worth having a go at winning. Not one, not two - but three of the beauties!!  Clap your eyes on these two - the third one's still in hiding.

See?? Gorgeous, huh?
For those of you yet to experience the delights of her new Etsy shop, are you in for a good time! There's not a single thing I don't like in there, but it's these that are really melting my butter at the moment.

Probably being snapped up as I type. Just LOOK at that maniacal chick - isn't she great!!
Oh, and thank you for putting up with my infernal whining lately too, Janet - you're just too sweet for worms.

The same goes to the Divine Mizz Fanciful D - of course, for her patience - and well - everything. This is one of her newbies, and what a splendid thing it is too.

The Walled City of Kowloon . Chunky Recycled Assemblage Tribal Choker.

What can I say - it's just pure Fanciful magic.

My first member, Jackie is doing rather well with her FunkyTrunk,

Antique Vintage Metal Button - Ornate Design

-and I'm really looking forward to seeing some of her own creations coming out sooooon, I hope. I'd love to push that button into some clay.

Lucky Lela's got a pokey new soldering station to play with - man, I'd love me one of those. She's working on these tiny collages at the mome. Aren't they pretty!

Look at this beautiful wool from Carrie, the lady who can't stop spinning!! Those colours!!!! Lovely blog too.

Oh now, look at this from SaschiandSquee - isn't that something? It's a cigar box, called Swine Flu - Love IT!!!!!

Swine Flu Mixed Media Cigar Box

So to the spectacular talent that is Stregata.

Secret Garden Necklace
She said that she was wondering how to translate the theme of The Secret Garden into a piece of jewellery. Um - that's how! It's just magical.

It seems fitting that I finish this bit of slobbering adulation with her good buddy's latest in her shop. I'm not going to identify her purely by her love of liquidised food, like someone I could mention, but rather by showing a piece of her delicately delightful jewellery.

RESERVED - Daughter of the starry twilight - Romantic tribal assemblage necklace - artisan jewelry
Of course, it's the sweetest of peas, Corvid Delights. This is unsurprisingly now reserved,

 but it's anybody's guess why these extraordinary earrings are still going begging.

Bluebird - Vintage rosary medal earrings
Sigh - if only I had the money .............

Another big thank you needs to go to Marcia for kindly buying up my nuts (ooer missus), and my little tikis, one of whom has taken it's place in this scrummy necklace. I'm glad she's stopped playing with her blue goldfish now, and is all set for her new shop revamp.

Oh yes, I feel much better for that. Thank you, lovely members.

Well now, after such a display of awesomeness, I feel rather embarrassed about sticking up my own new offerings, but here goes.
Hot on the heels of my selections of gruesomes - (yeah, don't be shy, people - there's plenty there in the shop!!), it seemed only fitting to make some use of them myself, so I've got these here Ear-rings -


Too obvious? Yeah, I daresay they are - but I couldn't help myself. Hey ho.
Also in the earring department are these little loves, which are not quite as simplistic as they may look, and I'm rather enjoying that metallic lustre thing they've got going on.

Mixed Clay Balls

What next? The Polynesian things are all in the shop now, along with that rotten little, hen-pestering foxy - oh, and that ginger creature with the pinwheel eyes.

Oro's GiftPolynesian PiscesBlue Lagoon
If these come out as they look in the preview - then WTF Blogger? Why do you do this thing?????

Country Life

The Girl With The Pinwheel Eyes
There's more than a dab of Wonka about that chick.

My two latest are rather a showy pair of necklaces - this is the first -


That's Swahili for fertility. Fanci likes saying widdle, and I'm getting pretty partial to the feel of UZAZI on my tongue. I find you can't help but lower your voice when you say that word!
I do like a nice bit of bone ( sorry again - no double-entre meant - honestly!), and I'm really hoping to be able to get my skanky paws on a bit of antler, tooth or horn (and again!) sometime soon. Hey - it'll be getting time for another peek at the badger soon as well.

Ok - moving on to the last one ( don't all cheer at once), another piece of peacock inspiration.

Peacock Eye

Well, this one seems quite fitting really, as I heard tonight that the beautiful chap who inspired this, was savaged by a dog, and has subsequently disappeared. Oh dear - this is the reality of country life, but that doesn't make it any easier to accept.
Here's a picture of that extraordinary chap with last year's tail going on.

Well now, I had intended to share with you some more pictures of my swoony surroundings in this post, following my latest shell-finding mission, but I think I've probably rattled on for long enough, so I'll choose to leave you wanting, and save them for the next one.

I'm going to be doing a giveaway of my own then, so stay tuned for a bit of wild and wonderful - and FREE!!!!



  1. Wow! Petra, you've been very busy and inspired! The ear earrings are a scream! And loving the Uzazi! Very wow!

    Your blogs are always so full of wonderful. Each and every one makes me smile. :)
    How very nice of you to mention my giveaway-thank you! And what a delight to see some of your fan's work! Like going to an art shoe while I sit in my warm cozy house! Thanks for that!

    Poor peacock. Sorry to hear about that.

    1. I'm glad you like the ears - just had to be done! The Uzazi thing seems to be going down well too, which is good.
      You lucky bugger having a warm, cozy house, because I'm freezing my crackers off over here!!
      Right, better go and read all your messages in the shop now.

  2. Heeey! What is one of my yarns doing on this fantastic blog, amongst such artistic riches of jewelry beauty??! Wow, thank you thank you for the lurve, esp since I've been such a bad non-social blogger who leaves kind comments unanswered for unforgivable lengths of time on her own blog! I do apologize, I'm still somewhat "new" to art blogging and having an etsy shop and so on, and I've had my head up my butt oggling the very same jewels and jewelmakers you curate here, to say nothing of oggling your shop as well. Between coveting gorgeous rustic beads and supplies and making yarn and trying to photograph and list stuff and serving the occasional buyer (too occasional still to justify all my delays really), I'm still trying to get it together to post and interact in the same century as everyone else.

    So the deal with me (in case you're wondering) is that I'm a spinner who twirls perilously close to the edge of jewelry making, which explains why the unknown woman with the yarn is all over your etsy shop and blog (like white on rice I might add). Were I a rich woman I'd see to it that you retire early, alas unfortunately I'm a broke bastard so all I can usually do is admire. Every time I sell some yarn lately, though, I buy beads. It appears to be some form of split craft personality--I'm supposed to be shopping for wool, aren't I?

    Thank you Petra again for the mention and for your kind words on my fledgling (and oft neglected) blog. Very sad about your peacock friend, I do love those shrieky colorful creatures.

    1. I wish i had some of that wool wrapped round me at the moment, Carrie, as it's shit-blasted freezing here at the moment! A split-craft personality!! Haaaaaaaa, sounds uncomfortable!! Oh, tell me about trying to keep up with everything - it's like spinning plates, and i have absolutely NO understanding of how Fanci does it so frequently. It'd be nice if you did some more bloggery though, because yours is a lovely place to visit!
      Thank you SOOOOO much for the overwhelmingly kind comments, which I'm more grateful for than you realise, as I've been glooming about in a self-doubt jag since new year. Just part of the territory, i'm sure.
      Yeah - shitty about poor peacock. I've been away for a couple of days, and the girls were there waiting on the porch looking very forlorn. A peanut butter sandwich seemed to perk them up a bit though.
      Hey, it's lovely to have a platform to show off other people's work that i admire, so there's no need for thanks really, and it's great to see you over here.

  3. Petra,

    You are so incredibly awesome, and I am honored that you would share my work on your blog. That Uzazi necklace is wonderful! I really like the rich reds interspersed with the earth tones. It is very magical and talismanic. I have been enjoying your clay assortments immensely...they are like eye candy to me! And as for the simplistic earrings, let me just tell you that out of all the earrings I own, the ones I reach for the most everyday are the simplistic ones. Fanci had a pair of drilled coins from Uruguay with simple bronzite drops that were unsold for a bit, and I eventually was able to snatch them up. They are one of my favorites! So honor your impulses in creation whatever they maybe, (Sparrow taught me that) because there is something there that needs to be explored and "voiced". Much love my friend I am going to convo you here soon.

    1. You're such a honey rabbit, Kim. It's a joy to be able to share my enjoyment of your work on my space here. It's great to get your feedback on my efforts too - thank you! If you like the clay oddities, then stay tooned for my forthcoming giveaway!!
      Much love, sweetie

  4. Love that teal and turquoise with a splash of red, my fave colours and Uzazi is uber cool. You have been busy. Those ears are too cute!

  5. Oh wow, thanks Marcia - it means a lot to get such great feedback. Thanks again for the purchase,the top tips, and for making my tiki look so great!
    Good luck with your new 2012 look.

  6. Oh Petra, look!! There's my button and a mention in your awesome blog. I'm thrilled to be included among these talented artists! Thanks so very much. I'm getting more inspired and closer to coming out of my shell and displaying my creations. Speaking of creations...I'm loving yours. The ears are so fun and that rotten little fox...makes me laugh! Your new creations are fabulous, I especially love the metallic lustre earrings and the Uzazi is exciting.

    The poor gentleman peacock, what a handsome critter he was, sorry to hear of his abrupt demise.

    The area shoe stores have completely banned me!! I keep buying their shoes and after trying them out for a bit in the house, my foot can't deal with them...so back they go. Hubby and I went to the mall yesterday and I think I found a pair of keepers! Still ice and elevation is my evening "pleasure" *shiver* but so good 'cause the next morning they feel so much better. Slow process but it's getting better!

    Beach glass...I love it! When the weather gets warmer and my foot is doing better I might make the trek to our shores in search of the lovies.

    Again, thanks for the mention in your awesome blog!!
    ...Jackie xo

    1. Wahey - glad to hear it - about your creations, I mean - not that you keep getting thrown out of shoe shops! I'm glad you've found some that you can keep on. Were you expecting all this before you had the op? You sound remarkably patient still.
      Aww, thanks for the encouraging words about my new stuff, Jackie. I'm looking forward to giving some of yours an outing on here.
      Right then, next post needs writing now already. If you visit Fanci's place, you'll see why!!

  7. I like the clamshell-looking thing. OH! I hadn't even noticed the fox! I hadn't visually processed it...You rock. Thanks for the include. You are such a fun breath of fresh air.

  8. Did you all read that, huh, didja??? Mizz Fanci said I rock!!
    Still amazes me that you like the oyster shell - never would have thunk it.
    Right then, dagnabbit - I've got to shift my arse and get this next one written!

  9. Wow, girl....you've been BUSY! And there I was drifting through all the yummies in this post...and WAIT A MINUTE! You included my tiny little collages. How nice of you! :) I'll tell you what...that soldering business is not easy! But I'm getting there.

    Thanks for the inclusion...so sweet! And you're much better than me at keeping up with the blogging business. ♥

    1. Blimey crikey, I'd missed this comment somehow! Ugh, that soldering - I just don't get it. I still haven't properly mastered how to solder a jump ring, so I'm completely in awe of your pieces!
      Good heavens, of COURSE I included you - I love your work! Yeah, this blogging is one more plate to spin! But, it's a great invention!

  10. There you go again, Petra, doing something lovely for others! I just checked out your members corner feature! You did a great job with it! Thank you, thank you for putting an art show together to feature your fans work! What a wonderful idea and so kind and generous of you. Thank you for including me!

  11. Dear Petra: Where do I start? You crete fanciful work, fun to play, and live in one the most amazing landscapes on earth. With your artists' eye, among many apparently, you play with modern primitive. Love your work. Sorry to have missed the giveaway, however, I'm still trolling and drooling over your shop and look forward to all your new work.
    One day perhaps a Petra creation, or two, will be in my work, too! Right now I am doing mixed media collage, focusing on supplies and vintage, and going in a new direction with my new jewelry, also.
    Seeing your posts has inspired me to show my mixed media art. Be nice!
    All the best,

    1. It's lovely to see you over here, Rosalie, and I can't wait to see your collages and new jewellery, so they can set up camp over in member's corner!!I have no doubt that I'll be VERY nice about your work!!I'm very intrigued!