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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Crapload Of Awesomeness!!


Well, that's Christmas dealt with for another year, and after some obscene over indulgence, I'm raring to get stuck into 2012.

Just before all that festive lunacy, I sent a little parcel of my stuff to the divine Fanciful D, who so kindly described the contents in the above manner!!! More - SO much more than that, she photographed them beautifully - and has been using my little oddities in some of her stunning creations.
Just loook what she did!!!

Isn't she amazing!!

So - yeah, I was stunned enough then - but LOOOOOOK!!!

Saddle Gems II. Metaphysical Tribal Assemblage Necklace
-featuring one of my little toothy claws

Then THIS!

The Laying Down of the Foot -
featuring my little foot

The Fingers of God. Gold Leaf Shrine with Hand and Pyrite.
The Fingers of God -
with one of my hands

Domestic Fetish. Ceramic and Kitchen Miniatures Assemblage Chokers. Rustic Gypsy Cooking.
Domestic Fetish -
and that's one of my bezels

I'm completely blown away!!

During some very helpful conversations with Janet (more about that lovely lady in a bit), and Fanci herself, I've decided to put some of these ceramic focal beads out in my shop in assorted selections.
I've put ten of them together so far to see how they go.

Bamboo beads, a toothy claw, three ceramic spacer beads, sea glass pebbles, drilled pebbles, two little drilled shells, some mixed wooden Indian beads, a terracotta and porcelain mixed conical bead, a fish, a black heart, a stripy terracotta spacer, a house bezel and a brain.
Bamboo beads, mixed wood Indian beads, drilled pebbles and shells, a kiln fired penny on a bail, a bronzed bezel, terracotta and black stoneware spacers, terracotta and buff spacers and bezel, a black beak, a hand, and a black piggies tail.

A triangular buff etched bead, bamboo beads, mixed wood Indian beads, a buff starry bead, a glazed heart, black stoneware and porcelain mixed bead, terracotta tile spacers, and a pinky thing, black stoneware spacer and bezel, a donkey's tail, a charred foot and a femur.

Bamboo beads, mixed wood Indian beads, drilled shells and pebbles, a ceramic small animal skull, a little brown birdie, terracotta connector with sea glass, black stoneware and terracotta mixed bead, house bezel, mixed spacers, a hand, and a milk tooth.
Bamboo beads, mixed wood Indian beads, drilled pebbles and a shell, black stoneware and buff mixed bead, terracotta bezel, a black beak or claw, house bezel, stoneware and terracotta hoop, mixed spacers, a molar, a kiln fired penny, a snout and an ear.
Mixed wood Indian beads, bamboo beads, drilled shells and pebbles, sea glass pebbles, a triangular bezel, black stoneware and porcelain mixed bead, some spacers, a lazy eye, a talon, a strange insect and some brain.

Ceramic spacers, drilled shells and pebble, sea glass, mixed wood Indian beads, bamboo beads, a tiny milk tooth, a kiln fired penny and bail, a claw, stoneware bezel, odd shaped spacer, buff bead with black slip decor, a trotter and a foot.
Bamboo beads, drilled pebbles and shells, mixed wood Indian beads, painted spacers, a claw, a heart shaped bezel, a little black tooth, buff spacers, stoneware and terracotta mixed bead, an armadillo's back, a kiln fired penny and bail, and a nose.
Bamboo beads, drilled shell and pebbles, mixed wood Indian beads, a blackened bezel, a buff birdie, porcelain and terracotta mixed bead, a dewdrop, spacers, a fang, an eye, and a little leg.
Drilled pebbles and shells, bamboo beads, a tiny red bird, mixed wood Indian beads, a talon, a molar, a goofy birds head, a stuffed olive, Pan the horny beast, and a cat's paw with claws.

I've got a couple more sets of these to sort out, and these odd sets below.

                                                                               Assorted glazed beads and cabachon

Mixed Focal Bezels                 

               Two Cheeky Tikis

                  Two glazed pendants and a cabachon


Also going in to the shop - finally -  is this necklace I've been messing about with for FAR too long - ugh.

Castaway Journal

Now then, that sweetie pop, Janet has just started her new blog (follow that link), and also her Etsy shop as Anvil Artifacts, - both are too gorgeous for words, and MUST be seen!!! Just for tasters - get a load of these yummies of hers.
Enjoy them while you can, because I don't think they'll be around for long!

Well, I had all good intentions of clambering down to the beach at the Valley Of The Rocks this morning, to see if I could find something interesting. But this was the weather today.

Yep - Thundersnow!!! It's no fun having that pinging off your bonce in a howling gale.
This cruddy light is why my pics look rather drearier than I would have liked.

Boo Hiss Boo - some old misery dick objected to having his picture on here, so instead, here's a pea-hen, who doesn't mind at all!!


  1. Great posting today!!! What yummy eye candy. Thank you for sharing these photos with us!

    You've been busy, eh? Your new bead assortments are wonderful! And I see what you mean, your photos are so big, easy to see every delicious detail.

    Hoping that your thundersnow (everyone thought I made that up- see people?!) clears up quickly and you can get down to your gorgeous beach.

    Thanks for the mention, Petra. Too kind.

    and yes, he's gonna kill you! hahahahahahaha

  2. Wowzer! What wonderful sets of bittybits you have to list. Great idea! No doubt about them being snapped up! And I love what you did with the necklace. Why do we always seem to 'mess about' with stuff for far too long?!? I think the secret is to make something quickly and post it right away...so we can't keep looking at it and second guessing ourselves!

    And I'm LOL at the Sacred Cow! Soooo funny! It's been nice knowing you. hehe. ;)

  3. OH
    those little bits are insane!! whycome any ceramic w/a metal loop connected to it suddenly becomes 10x cooler? i'm in love with the leetle fish and the paw with claws. they both made me squee. actually they all did- the little house bezel, all the tiny hands and feet, the black tikis, the bent leg... the birds too! man oh man. even w/the crazy lighting they are insane. you know its good stuff when you see me incorporate so much so quickly into my stuff. it demands to be used!
    i cant gush enough. a real successful creative piece always manages to be totally new but totally classic or somehow old fashioned at the same time and these accomplish just that. just wow.

  4. Yes, wow, you have been very busy. I really like all your curiosities, and natural textures. I think they would look great teamed with bright colours and sparkles, for the contrast. Maybe it's the time of year, maybe it's the time of life, but I feel the need for lots of COLOUR! Also, I like the bluey-green leaf necklaces in the shop, because they are SHINY! Great blog, especially the pictures of the moors. Better in than out, I say.

  5. Hush Janet - he hasn't noticed it yet!! Aaah, it was YOU with the thundersnow! Yes well, I think it's a very accurate description!!

    Aww thanks for the mention about the necklace, Lela. Ah yes, I know from your own blog, that that messing about is one of your own habits! Been driving me scatty.

    Oh my gawd - Fanci herself doing gushing on MY blog!!! I feel rather faint. I'm SO glad you like my bits of thing. More coming soon, and I believe Sow's Ears are on the wanted list, so you can turn them into a purdy silky purse!

    That shiny lovin' dude is my sister! Now there's a contrast - a shiny, colour lover, under the queen of all that doesn't shine, and only colours occasionally!! Ha!

    Well, thank you, gurlz for all the lovely comments. They're all in the shop now after a very irritating day of listing on a temperamental etsy. Bah.

  6. Yeah I snagged the tikis and nuts, can't wait to use them. Just felt stronger today so I've started to make some new things, also working on new banner and name change. Like Janet's blog too, must post on mine like now! So much to catch up. Can't wait to see fancy's eyeball stuff.

  7. Nice to see you over here, Marcia! I'm glad you're starting to feel better.
    Thank you for buying up my nuts!! Wow - some big changes you're working on! I'll go and look.
    Yeah, Fanci's new stuff sounds scarily exciting!!!

  8. Petra...I'm wearing a SHOE!!! Yesterday the doc let me start wearing a shoe, I'm so excited!! But he also said I still have a long way to go...I'll be dealing with the swelling for a year!! Ice and elevation, ice and elevation, that's the name of the game. :(

    Oh I just love your crapload of awesomeness!! Such fun pieces you've created, but of course my fav is the little foot! I have to tell you that your blog has come a long way, I'm loving all of the great photos!!

    For the new year I'm am trying to get my butt in gear. Like Marcia I'm working on finding a good name for my blog and jewelry shop, nothing seems to be clicking. Got any name suggestions for the new me?? I just love Janet's new shop/blog name, so creative. I think a fresh start will get me out of the rut i'm stuck in right now. I'm going to keep FunkyTrunk for all my junque and goodies that I'm trying to clear out.

    Tis all for now, wishing you a most awesome new year!!
    ...Jackie xo

  9. Hi Jackie,
    Hooray for the shoe wearing!!!! Jeepers, this is taking a long time - and another YEAR for it to be completely better!!! How very tiresome! I would imagine you've had quite enough of it already.
    Awww, thanks for the nice comments, you sweet thing, I really appreciate them. Yeah, I'm really enjoying the blog, but I need to get a lot more regular with it. Christmas was HUGELY lazy and over-indulgent!!!
    I thought you'd got off to a flying start with your shop? Forgive me not having looked at it for a week or so. I've got out of the habit a bit over the holidays. Well, I'm glad you're keeping FunkyTrunk as I still think it's a cool name. Yeah, that uber-talented lady Janet's shop and blog are just amazing, aren't they. Didn't you already have another couple of shops set up as well? I seem to remember there being three of them. So will this be an outlet for your own work?? Hooray!!! I'm sure the right name will come to you in a flash of inspiration as if from nowhere, and then you'll be flying!!
    Personally, I find the best ideas come when you're not trying to make them happen, and just free your mind up.
    Well, time to go food shopping - bah - that damnable 'real world'!!!
    Happy New year to you too, and i hope it'll be an exciting one!