Come on in to this home for my jewellery and other stuff. I hope it will continue to grow as I hope to continue to grow in myself.
I do love a good bit of salty language, and encourage all who join me here to express yourselves in your truest forms! Enjoy yourselves xx

Friday, 27 January 2012

A Bit of Mid-Compo Post

Hello, you lovely lot,
Well, a huge THANK-YOU for all your wonderful suggestions! From stars to raccoon's penis bones  - fabulous!!! My mucky paws will be a blur of activity to turn the winners idea into a reality. I'm working towards doing a firing on the 2nd, in which will be the winning beads, so that I can send everything out in one parcel.
Your venerable judge is readying himself for his forthcoming engagement as you can see.

 -and getting in some early practising for his Father Christmas gig while he's at it!

So, aside from pondering on how I might create a robust bandito's  boner out of clay, I've been making some other stuff. They're not in the shop quite yet, as I seem to have a mental block on names for them - I'm sure it'll come.
Yes - that's right, you've got to trawl through me shamelessly hawking my wares! Well, it is MY blawg!! I was just about to say that I'm sure you'd rather just look at more pictures of my pussy - but, that sounds VERY iffy!
Oh dear. Ahem, right - on with the jewellery......

All you Fanci forum goers may have seen this one already, following my blundering comment. I'm a little bit chuffed with this beast in dusky black (maybe that's it's name?). I've got a few of these little Easter Island dudes, which I might put out in some supply selections. The chunky ammonite moulding is made from black stoneware, formed in a mould that super-sweet Janet made me (just one of many - what a honey!!). Oh, congratulations to all the winners in her recent giveaway - you lucky lot. Those dioramas of hers are going to just fly out when they reach her shop. For those of you who may not have seen them - feast your peepers!


Like that wasn't enough of a banquet for the eyes, THIS is how they look on the front!!! I absolutely adore them.

Hey ho - back to my stuff then. This next one is also using one of the moulds she gave me. It's that purdy little bit of filligree that you may have seen here and there.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat

It's that black stoneware again, metallized with bronze. It's got a twinkly old rhinestone hanging down below, and what are those delicate little objects hanging down on either side?? Tin tacks - that's what!!! Well, actually they're hand-formed, ceramic representations of tin tacks. I was hoping to be able to use the word juxtaposition just once in my lifetime!!! What an arse!

To accompany it, are these earrings.

2 inch nails in black stoneware

Moving on - I wanted to make something nice and chunky with a more masculine feel.

This is buff clay with fine silver, copper and bronze fired into the spiral indent, and then brushed over with bronze and sealed with resin-wax. It's a bit of a honker, that'd look good on a man or a woman.

What next? Oh yeah, this bit of silly -

Tom & Jerry

Always my favourite cartoon as a child. That paw belongs to one grungy old catpuss though! Well, it did before it was dismembered!!

Ok - last one!

This is a re-working of an old piece that I've metallized with bronze. It's porcelain underneath. Seems fitting to re-list it, what with all that Valentine's thing coming up.

Cupid's Last Stand
This bruised and blackened old heart needed all that boy's arrows to help it get some loving.

Oh, whoops - no that wasn't the last one, but no more bronze - promise!

A Life Aquatic

Yep, the results of Mistress Fanci's very generous masterclass going on there with those wires! I used strong linen thread to string the jellyfish tentacles on to allow them to dangle in a floppy sort of jellyfishy fashion!

There now, that wasn't so bad, was it? If Fanci and Janet are looking and tut-tutting at my too busy pics, these are not the ones I'll be using for the shop!!

So now, what else can I bore you with?
Oh yeah - look what I found on my sea glass hunting trip. Loads of it!!!

Lots of that sea clay too. I know why our sea is full of old bottles, but what's all that terracotta doing there? Anyone know??

It was another brutally cold day down at Ilfracombe beach, but quite fetching in it's way. I can hear you groaning at the prospect of more beach pictures - shucks!

Ok, I'll leave it there.  It'll be Lee Bay next time, which has some big old splashy waterfalls.

Welcome to my new members and followers, Juliette, Darlene, Skye, Alice, Rosalie, CoffeeFreek53 and Tribalis.

Oh yes, I almost forgot - If you look along the top bar, you'll see that I've added my new Member's Corner page. I hope you like it.

Till next time then, and the excitement that is the compo judging!!!


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now !

Well no, there's only actually the one GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!! - there - did that get your attention?!  Maestra Fanci Devices has already very kindly outed it over at her place. I should have known. When she said she was going to mention it on her next post, I should have realised that meant yesterday, and not at my own snailish pace!!
SOOOOO, I'd better just get on and open with that, and work down to the dramatic windy pictures of coastline, ducks and blue tits.
(Yellow text is it now, Blogger - yep ok, whatever)

So - this is what you get -

4 drilled shells, 7 sea glass pebbles (undrilled), 1 little black pebble, a widdle black birdie, 4 ceramic spacers, a little bag of mixed wood Indian beads, 2 clay bezels, 1 kiln fired penny on a bail, 1 toothy claw, or clawy tooth, 3 drilled pebbles and one drilled sea clay pebble, 3 handmade bamboo beads, 1 toof, 1 hand, 1 foot - and a pigger's snout.

So, how do you get your clammy paws on this lot? Shall I make you wait, and tell you at the end of the post, just so that I can be sure you stick around to see my pictures? Yeeeeeah - treat 'em mean and all that.

The week before last, I chose a particularly wild and windy day to go down to Lynmouth Beach to look for shells. It was buggering freezing, so I'm glad I came back with plenty, and some nice bits of driftwood.

Don't expect to see ducks by the sea, but there's loads of them down there. There was a cormorant hanging around as well, but he bobbed off before I could get close enough.

I went over to Valley of the Rocks afterwards, having wildly optimistic ideas of finding a beach full of fossils that I could send over to my rock hound bud , Janet.  Yeah, maybe not.

No, Devon hasn't turned into the video set of Bowie's Ashes to Ashes, I've just been titting about with photoshop again.
So, sorry Janet, but not with these knees! It didn't feel like a terribly sensible place to be tottering about in high winds.

When I got home, this girly followed me in out of the cold-

Bless her, the poor soul's been rather more hooty than usual since the demise of Big Dada.
My other little tweety friends have been going doo-lally for their morning toast, nuts - and now buttered hot cross buns!

I get more like Snow White every day!! Yes, that IS a huge joke!!!! I can hear you all ('all' hark at me! Like there's hundreds of you!!) scoffing and making derisive noises!!

So - having trawled through that lot, you want to get down to the juicy, do ya?
Fair enough.
Well now, contrary to the wise Fanci's thoughts, oh, but I'm a disobedient puppy - my thought is to invite ideas for new supply beads like the ones in the giveaway. Now this is where it gets good - because whoever wins, will also get some of their bead design once they're made. What do you reckon - good, eh, eh?? If it's too difficult to choose from the myriad suggestions that I'm obviously going to get, then all names will get written on bits of paper, scrunched up, and thrown on the floor - and it'll be for him to pick a winner !

This is no ordinary moggie, I'll have you know. He's a man of great refinement, who tries hard to live only on tiger prawns and smoked salmon!!
So there it is - that's the deal. How long shall I give you? Lovely Janet is running her very generous giveaway for another week, I think, so for those of you who miss out on that one, there's always the chance of winning this rare gift!! Let's say the closing date will be 1st February.
Good luck, and I look forward to hearing some wild and grotesque ideas!!

Welcome to my new members, LuAnn, Heidi, Bobbi and Kala. Have you all arrived at these parts via the good ship Fanciful Devices? Gawd bless her!


Friday, 13 January 2012

Views and News

Well, I shall attempt to stop being such an old misery dick for long enough to compose a half-decent post. Is IS January though, and well known for being a bit of a downer.  Buying that? No - me neither.
To lift my spirits then, I think I'll start by spreading some lurve to my little band of members, who've been kindly enough to show some interest in my bloggering.

Lovely Janet of the rapidly soaring Anvil Artifacts has got a gorgeous giveaway on the go at the moment, which is WELL worth having a go at winning. Not one, not two - but three of the beauties!!  Clap your eyes on these two - the third one's still in hiding.

See?? Gorgeous, huh?
For those of you yet to experience the delights of her new Etsy shop, are you in for a good time! There's not a single thing I don't like in there, but it's these that are really melting my butter at the moment.

Probably being snapped up as I type. Just LOOK at that maniacal chick - isn't she great!!
Oh, and thank you for putting up with my infernal whining lately too, Janet - you're just too sweet for worms.

The same goes to the Divine Mizz Fanciful D - of course, for her patience - and well - everything. This is one of her newbies, and what a splendid thing it is too.

The Walled City of Kowloon . Chunky Recycled Assemblage Tribal Choker.

What can I say - it's just pure Fanciful magic.

My first member, Jackie is doing rather well with her FunkyTrunk,

Antique Vintage Metal Button - Ornate Design

-and I'm really looking forward to seeing some of her own creations coming out sooooon, I hope. I'd love to push that button into some clay.

Lucky Lela's got a pokey new soldering station to play with - man, I'd love me one of those. She's working on these tiny collages at the mome. Aren't they pretty!

Look at this beautiful wool from Carrie, the lady who can't stop spinning!! Those colours!!!! Lovely blog too.

Oh now, look at this from SaschiandSquee - isn't that something? It's a cigar box, called Swine Flu - Love IT!!!!!

Swine Flu Mixed Media Cigar Box

So to the spectacular talent that is Stregata.

Secret Garden Necklace
She said that she was wondering how to translate the theme of The Secret Garden into a piece of jewellery. Um - that's how! It's just magical.

It seems fitting that I finish this bit of slobbering adulation with her good buddy's latest in her shop. I'm not going to identify her purely by her love of liquidised food, like someone I could mention, but rather by showing a piece of her delicately delightful jewellery.

RESERVED - Daughter of the starry twilight - Romantic tribal assemblage necklace - artisan jewelry
Of course, it's the sweetest of peas, Corvid Delights. This is unsurprisingly now reserved,

 but it's anybody's guess why these extraordinary earrings are still going begging.

Bluebird - Vintage rosary medal earrings
Sigh - if only I had the money .............

Another big thank you needs to go to Marcia for kindly buying up my nuts (ooer missus), and my little tikis, one of whom has taken it's place in this scrummy necklace. I'm glad she's stopped playing with her blue goldfish now, and is all set for her new shop revamp.

Oh yes, I feel much better for that. Thank you, lovely members.

Well now, after such a display of awesomeness, I feel rather embarrassed about sticking up my own new offerings, but here goes.
Hot on the heels of my selections of gruesomes - (yeah, don't be shy, people - there's plenty there in the shop!!), it seemed only fitting to make some use of them myself, so I've got these here Ear-rings -


Too obvious? Yeah, I daresay they are - but I couldn't help myself. Hey ho.
Also in the earring department are these little loves, which are not quite as simplistic as they may look, and I'm rather enjoying that metallic lustre thing they've got going on.

Mixed Clay Balls

What next? The Polynesian things are all in the shop now, along with that rotten little, hen-pestering foxy - oh, and that ginger creature with the pinwheel eyes.

Oro's GiftPolynesian PiscesBlue Lagoon
If these come out as they look in the preview - then WTF Blogger? Why do you do this thing?????

Country Life

The Girl With The Pinwheel Eyes
There's more than a dab of Wonka about that chick.

My two latest are rather a showy pair of necklaces - this is the first -


That's Swahili for fertility. Fanci likes saying widdle, and I'm getting pretty partial to the feel of UZAZI on my tongue. I find you can't help but lower your voice when you say that word!
I do like a nice bit of bone ( sorry again - no double-entre meant - honestly!), and I'm really hoping to be able to get my skanky paws on a bit of antler, tooth or horn (and again!) sometime soon. Hey - it'll be getting time for another peek at the badger soon as well.

Ok - moving on to the last one ( don't all cheer at once), another piece of peacock inspiration.

Peacock Eye

Well, this one seems quite fitting really, as I heard tonight that the beautiful chap who inspired this, was savaged by a dog, and has subsequently disappeared. Oh dear - this is the reality of country life, but that doesn't make it any easier to accept.
Here's a picture of that extraordinary chap with last year's tail going on.

Well now, I had intended to share with you some more pictures of my swoony surroundings in this post, following my latest shell-finding mission, but I think I've probably rattled on for long enough, so I'll choose to leave you wanting, and save them for the next one.

I'm going to be doing a giveaway of my own then, so stay tuned for a bit of wild and wonderful - and FREE!!!!