Come on in to this home for my jewellery and other stuff. I hope it will continue to grow as I hope to continue to grow in myself.
I do love a good bit of salty language, and encourage all who join me here to express yourselves in your truest forms! Enjoy yourselves xx

Friday, 16 December 2011

Sparrow Fundraiser

I was shocked and saddened to hear the terrible and tragic news about sweet Sparrow.
I wish you a speedy recovery, and offer my deepest sympathies on your loss.

Her lovely friend Marina of Fanciful Devices, is running a raffle to raise funds to help her out.
Please follow this link to her blog, and take part if you can.

Raffle Fundraiser

Much love
Petra xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 8 December 2011

A Walk On The Wild Side

No - not as a transsexual prostitute in New York City, but out on these chilly moors in Devon!!
It was a particularly unfriendly kind of day to go out hunting for snagged sheep's wool - blowing a hooligan, hailing and lots of that sideways rain that manages to creep in everywhere you'd rather it didn't. My lovely friend, Helen, has just been gasping at the thought of it, as I'm not known to have much of a love of walking - or bad weather! I worked as a herdswoman on a farm in deepest, darkest, west-est Wales some years ago, which involved nothing but being out in all weathers, and have since become increasingly fond of the great indoors.
Well, I didn't come back with much in the way of wool - and had no luck at all in finding any stray horse hair, but I did get these pictures of the moors, which I've monkeyed about a bit with for dramatic effect. Well, not the first two - they're pretty much how it was.

 Dramatic stuff, eh.
I came over all Catherine Earnshaw, -  but all zipped up in my red anorak, my resemblance was more akin to that of the odd little creature in 'Don't Look Now'!!


Shame you can't see the wind and rain and hail, so that you can appreciate how I've really suffered for my art!!!!

I've been struggling a bit with my 'stuff'.  Having all sorts of ideas, but can't get them to come together in the physical form, which is really bloody frustrating. As a consequence, I've got all these bits of things, half-started, half-finished ....... 

Bits of local bamboo that I've cut up, and am in the process of decorating with pyrography - oh, and some bits of bones (not the badger - yet)

Hmm, the Polynesian theme - not sure about this really.

Some mixed porcelain and black stoneware,
a fox's head fired with copper ...

These creatures - ????
Ok, let's be kind to myself, and call them a limited edition!

This needs some better pictures, obviously,
but it's more or less what I was after.
Fox, chicken - and - oh dear, a feather

Well, you'd have to be blind not to see my influences!
I'm pretty pleased with my grubbied up collection of body parts. I think this one may take some time to put together, but I'm hoping it'll be an odd piece of something a bit special!
Please note the sheep's wool round the top, and the extreme conditions I had to endure to find it!

-and this is another lot of stuff ready for firing tomorrow. I'm experimenting with bronze art clay, and hoping for some interesting results.

Typical, turn my back for a minute, and he's stolen my seat!
He looks pretty pleased with himself.

Well, I think that's all for now. Good luck with your continued toe recovery, Jackie -  and thank you, Steph (vLaDtHeBaT) for your wise words this week - much appreciated.
Oh, and for the eternal inspiration that is Fanci D, bless her de-hydrated heart!