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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Insomniac Musings

Stone the bleeding crows, another bout of the sleeplessness. It's just SO habit forming. But, having a head full of all manner of things has been vaguely productive in it's way.
What still feels like yesterday, but was, in fact twenty-three years ago (gasp!), I spent time doing some lone travelling in Australia and Thailand, and it's images of these places and others, that have been weaving through my nocturnal mind for some reason. Oh, and bongo monkeys! I don't know what that's all about! Brrrr - they give me the willies.
Also, of New Orleans. I've been dreaming of going there for years, and my delightful man and I are planning to get married there - sometime ......

Ah, those were the days - when I was young and fearless!

That weird toothy thing on Fanci D's place keeps popping into my head as well, possibly because of the something nasty that's lurking in our woodshed! I managed to stop being a jessie for long enough to get up close to take a picture of it.

  Look away now if you're of the squeamish persuasion!


I thought it was a fox at first, but I think maybe it's a badger instead. It looks like it went quite peacefully. Just curled up and slipped away on a straw bed.
It got me thinking about a necklace. No - not just a dead badger hanging round your neck! Those teeth Fanci has been using have probably been exciting me as well. I was thinking about teeth and claws and beaks. I got a bit carried away with the idea of deconstructing body parts, and ended up making all sorts of things!

There are a few more added now as well, so it'll be an interesting task putting them all together once they're fired.
I bought a whole load of agate slices last year, which I haven't got round to doing anything with yet - and it's about time I did.


This clay will turn black after firing, but I don't know if the idea will work or not. I managed to get a hole through one rather lovely piece, which I've just listed in the shop today. What do you reckon?

Absinthe Vision

Absinthe Vision

I've called it Absinthe Vision, and I'm a little bit in love with it!

I put another couple of things on today as well - a daft little ring, and another slavish offering to the mighty Mr Palahniuk. I couldn't not do a Fight Club piece really, and there's another two tributes to Damned coming up.

Oh, here's one of them - finished it sooner than expected.

Madison's Power

I've got these heads sitting here as well, waiting to be finished - they're a bit strange too. Just a glimpse of them here on my rather disorganised workbench.

I've also been pondering on my Polynesian ancestry - yes really! My dad was French/Dutch, and born in Java in Indonesia. It may well just have been one of his many tall tales, but there was talk of Polynesian Royalty way back in these genes! Inspiring stuff indeed, and I've been working on a couple of simple pendants in that style. It could be complete guff of course! For years I beleived that the scar he had on his thumb was the result of it having been bitten off by a conger eel he caught somewhere - it turned out that he got it caught in a deckchair!!

It's rather lovely down here at the moment with Autumn well under way. No sign of snow as yet, and hopefully it'll stay that way. But we're quite cosy in our little loft.

If it gets too bad, we can always wander across to the pub next door - and won't that be a shame!

Oh yes, I've been thinking of ways  I could use this lichen. It's quite beautiful when you have a good look at it. It grows in areas of clean air, and having come from an area of pretty mucky stuff, it makes me feel good to see it growing here.

Well, I think I'll just round things off here with a few pictures of my lovely kitty cat. He doesn't think there's been nearly enough of him on here so far!


Well, that's all for the moment. Kiln firing time very soon, so more things to put in the shop.

Best wishes to Jackie - I hope all went well, and that you're enjoying some silly moments on the happy pills!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the bones and 'body parts' come out of the kiln.
    Your kitty is a lovely boy!

  2. Thanks Renate,
    Yeah, I'm feeling a bit excited about those myself. I think they'll be best left unglazed, and then maybe dirtied up with something afterwards. I really enjoyed making them, and just let myself go, and didn't try to make things that looked 'nice'. I was SO much happier with the results too. Funny old business, isn't it?!
    Old Mack's a bit of a honey isn't he? Utterly spoiled rotten too!

  3. absolutely beautiful post! what a lovely beautiful place that you live in! how blessed you are! i am in nashville tn. , in the city. a bit different from what you have. the thought of "going to the pub" sounds so wonderful. and what would you have there my friend?

  4. I'm sure Nashville has it's charms too, Connie. It conjures allsorts of images in my mind!
    Do they not have pubs as such in Nashville? What would I have in the pub? A few pints of lager, as Gin is too expensive in there!

  5. Madly jealous that you live in north Devon, spend most of my hols down that way. The kiln pieces look intriguing.

  6. Oh man - another Fanci follower on my little space! Lovely to see you here, Marcia. Yeah, I'm very lucky, it's a lovely spot.
    Just emptying those body parts out of the kiln today, which look like they've survived. Not sure what I'm going to do with them yet, so might just list them as beads. Had a few disasters in there as well though, which is always a bit gutting. Time to have a proper look now.

  7. Oh Petra, I wanna live where you do, it's so beautiful. I can almost breath in that fine clean air! I love the photo where your kitty is wearing the fabulous cat hat and booties...so cute. Your photos are delightful.

    Thanks for your best wishes, they are much appreciated. I made it through surgery, it ended up being 4 surgeries instead of three so I'm pretty much confined to my rented wheelchair. The happy pills are mostly gone and I'm doing good..considering! I've saved two happy pills, one for the removal of the stitches and the other for when he removes the pins. My foot is pretty ugly, toes look like hamburger but the bottom of my foot isn't looking too bad. Next week the stitches will be removed and the following week he'll take the pins out of my toes. Then I'll be in a surgical shoe for a while. I can't wait until this whole ordeal is over. The doc thinks the other foot will be needing the same surgery...but I don't even want to think of that for now - maybe next winter. All I want now is to be out of this wheelchair and up and walking again. :)

    To keep busy I've put a few pieces of vintage jewelry on Etsy. I need to make room for my real love...creating. I'm not comfortable putting my handmade jewelry on yet, that will come in time.

    Once again, thanks for thinking of me and wishing me well. I'm loving your blog it's so colorful and wonderful...it makes me happy!

    ...Jackie xo

  8. Hellooo Jackie,
    So nice to see you back. Phew - what horrible sounding surgery, you poor thing. I've been wondering how you got on. Will you have the stitches and pins out for Christmas? Yes, you'll need a good rest before having to go through all this again on the other hoof.
    Well - good for you on making your first Etsy steps! Why are you so uncomfortable about putting your own things on there? I've seen the kind of things that influence you, and I'm sure your own creations are lovely. It doesn't take much space - except in your own head. OOOh - profound, and at this time of the day too!! I'm a fine one to talk though really, as you'll see by my next post - coming on in a bit. But, I take continuing inspiration from the likes of Fanci, and do feel that all this trial and error is a very important part of the whole process, and totally neccessary in order to find my own true style.
    Ha - I'm glad you liked the hat and socks! As you can see from the lad's face, he's really not too impressed with his mum's efforts at dressing him!!!
    Right then - to the blog!
    Take care of those tootsies, and it's lovely to see you back.