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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

First tribute - Fanciful Devices


Since opening my Etsy shop a few months ago, I've been aware of Fanciful's stunning devices. Firstly, just winking at my magpie eyes on my activity feed. Then I found myself frequently popping back to her shop to check that I hadn't missed anything. I can be a bit slow to catch on, so it only recently occurred to me to check out her blog. If only I'd known!!! I keep saying this, but, it's like entering another world - a beautiful, compelling world, that's perfectly topped with some well constructed profanities! Heavenly!
I've been feeling quite restricted in the world of Etsy. Don't get me wrong, it's been the perfect antidote to several years spent working on an acute psychiatric ward, but, I'm often a rather warty, growly old bugger, and the niceness was starting to choke me a bit. So, imagine my squealing delight, when the first thing I read was -
"Why is everyone in craftblogetsyland so damn polite?! It means I must be being terribly rude in comparison, I just know it. It means I'm gonna hurt someone's feeling by being my spazy blunt self. But. but fuck that! Harumph!"
Hurrah!! Then it was 'Bob's World of Dildos', and earrings made from rheumatoid arthritis, and I knew that I was hooked!
What's more, it's opened me up to all the other myriad delights of  blog world, and has given me the kick up the bum I needed to get my own boat afloat.
So before I disintegrate into a swooning pile of compliments and exclamation marks, I'll attempt to pick some of my favourite Fanci devices for you to gaze at.

Poppy's Poison
That these were one of her first offerings just makes me want to weep really. Still, if I had discovered her back then, I would have got myself into some dire financial straits!It's only my impoverished state now that's keeping me safe!
High Tea On The Moon and Jarring
As Fanci described in her listing, people would be distracted by these earrings, reminded of something you can't quite remember. I think that accurately sums up how most of her pieces make me feel. Like I recognise them from somewhere - some deep, distant memory, or a dream, but I can't quite put my finger on exactly where.
I love the mystical quality of the ring - what is that inside??

All Faiths
Enchanting on the outside, and then so much more when you open it up to find all those treasure hidden inside.
Text Message       Going Away
Cross Dressers Of Yore     The Heart And Tongue Of Ra
The little book that opens every which way is just SO ingenious!
I adore the Going Away necklace, and it instantly evoked memories of my wild, youthful days when I was a fearless lone traveller!
That cross dresser just cracks me up, and I love the little pencil earring range. How does she think of these things??

Before We Are Clay    Pamphagous
Calcinatio   The Hanging Librarian
By gum, but she's smart cookie! Who else would think of using an old book cover in such a way?
And discovering a word like Pamphagous, then using it to inspire some earrings!!!!
I loved the description of the calcinatio earrings, and how the light shining through shows that fire within - that spark of imagination. -And there's that spark in some old librarians hanging about!
Ram's Horn and Letter To My Sweetheart
Even though it's reminiscent of old fags - sorry, cigarettes - that means something quite different to you guys over the water, doesn't it?!! I still find it rather romantic - and the other one just oozes the agony of love and passion in a long distance relationship. Gorgeous.

Embaphium     Dark Matter
Even though it feels almost impossible to pick any kind of favourites from all Fanci's extraordinary creations, I think these three are as close as I can get. They have a distinctly unnerving quality - the stuff of wild dreamings. How she manages to capture that quality is just mind-blowing. How does she think of these things? What normal mortal walks around knowing what an embaphium is for heaven's sake??!!
The Man In The Arena
So to finish off this gallery, I've included this man of daring-
a lesson to us all.

Well, I feel quite exhausted now! Will the genius never end? I do hope not.
Thank you Fanciful Marina, for all that you are xxx


  1. Fanci is one talented lady!! I've been loving her stuff for quite a while.
    ...Jackie xo

  2. So true...she's a crazybusy lady! No idea how she churns all that stuff out...and I love it too. :)

  3. Oh, you lovely pair - thank you SO much for your comments on my postings. I really appreciate your interest, and if I can help either of you in your endeavours, I will.
    Now get that trunk open, Jackie !!
    Right then, time to get my hands on something other than this keyboard. It feels like ages since I actually made anything what with all this computer stuff. Not good.
    Next job on here is to start some other pages, and figure out how to fill in these blanks up the side! All good fun.
    Have a good day, lovely ladies!
    Petra xx

  4. Dear Petra, your tribute is fabulous, I love the pieces you picked to show Marina's work. She's so talented that it must have been hard picking which pieces to feature. I love the fact that she is so generous with sharing her awesome secret methods with us. I've learned much reading her posts, it's a blog not-to-be-missed, I love reading them. Job well done Petra!!

    Did you notice I glossed over your request to open my trunk. Well, next Wednesday i'm having very serious foot surgery that's going to have me out of commission for quite some time, at least several months, even over the Christmas holiday. I'm busy this last week trying to make some sort of order to my studo. But during my down time perhaps my muse will visit me ... and maybe I'll open that truck.

    ...Jackie xo

  5. Fanci's imagination and creativity are totally uninhibited by anything - that is why she shocks and delights us. Your tribute is quite wonderful.
    Forgive me for being so tardy in returning your visit - life has been rather out of bounds these last weeks. Thank you for your very kind words. I look forward to seeing more of your lovely work and your beautiful home/countryside. Blogging is a fantastic way to connect with people - especially when you live rather separated from anyone you could share your creative passion with...

  6. Hi Jackie,
    Yes, I spotted that bit of glossing! Oh blimey - your foot thing sounds horribly mega. Will you be in hospital long? Ugh - I've had enough surgery to last me a good few years - you have my utmost sympathy, and I really hope it goes well for you.
    But, yeah, having no choice but to sit still may well bring about some lovely muse-ery. I reckon you're hiding some real beauties in your trunk!
    Petra xxxxx

  7. Oh my gawd, it's Stregata - here - in my little bit of blogdom! How bloody lovely is that?!!!!
    Oh yes - absolutely so - it's Fanci's lack of inhibition that makes everything about her so utterly delicious and more-ish. BIG lessons to be learnt there.
    Have you been busy looking after those gorgeous kitty cats? A more worthy use of time would be hard to imagine. I expect my beautiful boy to be making several appearances on my blog, as he does SO enjoy being the centre of attention!
    I felt sick to my stomach when I read about your beautiful Mr Babysitter. Just horrible.
    I adore your woodland necklace! I have ideas for using all the lichen down here in some way. It has an other-worldly, Narnia quality to it.Your prayer bead piece would be hard to part with, I'd imagine, with so much of yourself in it. It feels a very intense and intimate work.
    Oh YES, I'm really enjoying this blog world - it feels SO much closer than any of the other social media options, and offers the freedom to just be yourself. I think that takes a bit of working at though! Crazy though, isn't it - what's really to fear from doing that? Reminds me of a piece of graffiti I saw up the side of a surf shop nearby - I think I may have to go and take a picture of it to post on here. Oh - I just LOVE your background picture by the way, of the open cage and those wide spread wings. I'm sure we all struggle to attain that. Except that Fanci-pants, of course - she's living everyone's dream, that one!!!
    Lovely to see you here, Renate - and thank you for your interest.
    Petra xx

  8. I'm impressed, you've drawn Stregata to your blogdom!! Congrats!!

    No hospital, a day surgery...cut me up then send me home with lots of drugs!! So if I'm silly, please excuse! LOL

    ...Jackie xo

  9. Hi Jackie,
    I was a bit overwhelmed to find Stregata on here too!! Since then, I've gone a bit quiet - not knowing what to put on here next. Had a busy few days with other stuff, and feeling a bit disconnected now. Got a load of things sitting here half finished, and a head full of things wanting to be made - then 'life' comes along, and nothing gets done!!! Hey ho.
    Are you feeling relatively calm about your surgery? Good that you can come home afterwards to the comfort of your own home. - And the drugs of course, they can be a bit of fun! I hope they make you feel wonderfully silly! There has to be some benefit to having your foot chopped about with!
    Best of luck, and I hope it all goes well.
    Petra xx

  10. Good morning Petra,

    I must agree that "life" does tend to get in the way of great plans. I'm sure you'll be putting up another awesome post in no time, and I'll be looking forward to it.

    Thanks for the good wishes. :) I'm feeling pretty calm about this surgery, I've been walking around on this bad foot for over six months. It's been terribly painful and I'll be so glad for it to be fixed. Physical therapy and exercises haven't been successful so this is the last option. There are 2 conditions that the doc will be operating on...Plantar Fasciitis and Hammer Toes. Lovely diagnosis, eh? I don't want to bore you with the gory details, but I won't be able to even think about moving my foot for one month. Pins sticking out of 2 toes makes me a bit queasy, so I'm not looking forward to the recovery period. But I am very much looking forward to the final results when hopefully I'll be able to walk pain free! We rented a wheel chair and I've got a great doc so I'm good to go! :) And the drugs, I'm sure feeling wonderfully silly will be most welcome!! LOL

    Hugs to you,
    ...Jackie xo

  11. Oh Jackie,
    You poor sausage. That diagnosis sounds like something out of a horror film! Eeeeek - pins sticking out of toes! Will they be well covered up? I'm having nasty visions of them catching on something. After all that pain though, I can understand you looking forward to not being once you get through the recovery period. Time to sit still and enjoy your thoughts though - it could be really productive. I spent a year off work in 2006 as I was in and out of hospital having some big bits of gynae surgery. I wouldn't describe any of it as neccessarily pleasant, but, it's rare that we get those times where we have no choice but to just sit and contemplate. My life totally changed after all that stuff actually - so who knows??!!!
    I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday.
    Petra xxx
    PS - Probably a load of old rambling rubbish coming to this blog soon!

  12. Oh yes,
    have you seen that Fanci's latest? Futility - with the rusty old nail?? I seriously think that girl could put a dog turd in her creations, and make it look beautiful!

  13. Good afternoon Petra,

    Ooohhh, gyn surgery, doesn't sound fun at all. Glad it's all over for you. Thanks for the good wishes for me. Starting to get scared, only hours away now!!!

    Yes, I did see Fanci's latest and greatest...always, ALWAYS awesome. She's so talented, I bet she could make a dog turd look so awesome that everyone would want one!

    ...Jackie xo

  14. i noticed you heart kat hannah! we are in the same gallery here in nashville tn! the art and invention gallery. its a wonderful gallery nestled away in a swarm of city lunacy. kats work is really great!

  15. Oh yes, I really fell in love with her paintings. How many pieces do you have showing in the gallery? Do you sell much that way? It sounds great.

  16. oh you sweet redonkaless thing, you! you really went far back into my old stuff for this! blushing here. by the way, i dont have all these great words in my head- i found a page of weird antiquated words and their meanings. and they didnt inspire the earrings, i just picked some that i felt more or less didnt clash and stuck it in the title. im not as romantic as all that, you know.

  17. Oh, listen to her! Anyone beleiving that?? NOT ME!! She's a genuine, drewley making, genius, that one - end of.