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Saturday, 12 November 2011

A Bit Of Background

So, where to start on this one? I made mention somewhere in my last post about the Autumn colours down here in the valley, so I thought I'd share a bit about where in the world I am these days.
After months and months of trying to work out how my man and I were going to manage to get to be in the same place, it became clear that the best thing to do was for me to move down here to Devon where his job is. So in April, I gave up my job on the psych ward, rented out my flat, and we moved into this cosy loft above an old hunting lodge in Heddon Valley on Exmoor, where I've been working on my Etsy shop.

It's a beautiful spot, although it's felt a little like the land that Summer forgot! It's not green down here for no reason! But, I just love living in the woods with it's variety of wildlife, which has clearly been a much greater source of inspiration for my work than I realised it would be. I don't think my friends can quite get used to this Nature Girl side of me, and are still waiting for some signs of the dark, crabby baggage they're used to!
My old moggie, Mack, has welcomed his new environment with open paws, and often enjoys a little trot across the field for a drink and a paddle in the stream.

He's the apple of my eye, (before anyone wonders - no, I don't have children!), and seems to thoroughly enjoy the company of his woodland mates - except for the peacocks. But then neither would you, if you were a pint sized kitty cat being greeted with this lot hanging around your front door!

I think they're a hoot though, and thank them for the feathers they left me in exchange for occasional peanut butter sandwiches, and for inspiring me to make these few creations.

Thanks, Boys

There's the squirrels too - LOVE them!

Oh - and this gorgeous little fella crawled over one day. Yes - it's only a bloody baby otter!!!

With the dramatic moorland views, and several beaches nearby, it really is an amazing place to be.
Sounds like I should be working for the Devon Tourist Board, doesn't it?!


Hopefully, we'll still be appreciating all this above, when we're stuck in this below over the winter!!


Well, that's it for today. I just thought I'd share a taste of my world with you.

Next entry will be the first of my posts to celebrate the work of my favourite designers - and what others could I possibly start with, than the jaw-droppingly,beautiful creations of that divine Fanciful Devices!


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  2. Oh what a lovely place you've moved to. Wow, so many awesome critters to keep you amused! I'm a bit jealous! I just love the photos you've posted up. Very nice bloggin' missy!

    I live in a brick rancher on a quiet street in a small city. My awesome hubby and I moved here 3 years ago. Our 24yo son lives with us...did I already tell you that...we also share our home with 3 cats.

    I do have a bunch of squirrels that are fun to watch, one must have gotten hit or something, he's missing half of his tail and his right arm and foot are deformed. I call him Bob, he's a funny little guy. All I have to do is open the door and he appears waiting for his special hand fed treat.

    That's all for now, I'm trying to get some decent photos to list on Etsy. I just took 140 pictures and lost them in the transfer from camera to computer, :( so time to do a "do over".

    Till later, take care,
    ...Jackie xo

  3. Oh shit - how annoying - it makes me want to weep when things like that happen. I'm SO glad to hear you're getting down to it though. If those yummy looking rondelle beads on your Etsy banner are anything to go by, then I can't wait for you to get your trunk open!!
    Thanks for the bloggin' appreciation! I'll be putting together a Fanciful D tribute post next. Get that shop open, and you'll be on my list!
    What's a brick rancher? We don't have anything that would fit that description over here. You can hand feed your squirly friend??!! Now who's jealous?!!! I'd happily have a houseful of moggies, but as it is, I haven't had a holiday in five years because I can't bear to leave my fluffy friend here!
    Best of luck with your second lot of pics for your shop - I'm really looking forward to seeing you open for business.
    Petra xxx

  4. I agree, never fun retaking photos. I didn't weep but did utter some profanities. LOL

    Well, let's see, a rancher is a rambling single-story house, often containing a garage and sometimes constructed over a basement, often made of red brick. Very convenient that everything is on one floor, especially since I'm having foot surgery next week. No up and down stairs unless you wish to go down to the basement, ours basement is partly finished, but is mostly used for storage. There are some rooms but mostly open for now. Our garage was converted into a large room that is part of the house, it's my fun/happy/studio area. Unfortunately we use it as the main entrance so it does become a place to drop off stuff. It's overcrowded so I need to sell some other things before I start posting up my jewelry.

    Hmm, that could just be an excuse. My poor jewelry is a continual work in progress, I'm always taking things apart and remaking them...never satisfied. I need to stop doing that. So now my trunk is FULL of excess things that I'll be listing.

    Yes, I have several of the squirrels that will let me feed them by hand. Such neat little critters. I had to look up moggies...I never knew that I had moggies. :o) That's a cute name for them.

    Okay, back to work.
    ...Jackie xo

  5. I like the sound of a rancher! Blimey,I hope this isn't major foot surgery. Still, it'll give you plenty of time to tickle about on your computer and get your jewellery all listed. Come on - what are you afraid of? Get them out of that trunk, and let's see what you've got! I'll help all I can by facebooking, tweeting, and all that etsy stuff. The suspense is driving me batty now! I'm looking forward to seeing your comments on my Fanci tribute. I hope she likes it.
    Petra xx

  6. That was one very awesome tribute. Everything she creates is so different from the piece before it. And the way she presents it...she's got so much crazy talent. I just love her and her often funny blog!

    Your photos are so great, you're off to a fine start with your blog. I'm a bit hung up there too, can't see to get it together.

    Those peacocks are gorgeous and how nice of them to provide you with inspiration and a supply of beautiful feathers.

    The snow...brrr, that does not look lovely, well actually it does, nothing like a fresh fallen snow...as long as you don't have to deal with it.

    The dramatic moorland view and beach are beautiful. What a lovely place you have landed!

    ...Jackie xo

  7. Whoa! Love the place you've settled in. Someday I'll get to visit your lovely country. James Herriot has made me yearn to visit the Yorkshire Dales. Someday. ;)

  8. Thanks for that, Jackie - I hope the great lady takes a peek herself. After gazing at all her other lovely things, I could start to understand her current bit of frustration around her new bangles. It doesn't look as though her more meaningful work is getting overlooked though, because everything seems sold, which is a pretty amazing achievement.It can feel just a touch dis-heartening if I spend too much time looking at her works of genius though!!
    Ha, yeah that snow, eh. I don't know if it's going to be a definite, but I hope to buggery that it stays away, or we'll be stuck down here! We're at the bottom of a deep valley with some rather precarious lanes out of it with steep drops!! We should be moving into a bigger place of our own next year (we just rent this from The National Trust)- still in this area, but somewhere not quite so isolated.
    If we were on the other end of the country in Yorkshire, then we'd definitely be expecting a dose of the white stuff!!
    Petra xx

  9. What an amazing place! Enjoy every moment...but don't forget to lay in your emergency supplies!

  10. How lovely to see you here, Claire. I adore your work! I was so encouraged to see your gorgeous ceramic rings, as I've done a lot of doubting around my own - about whether they're strong enough, and that they're one immovable ring size!
    Ha - yes, I keep thinking I need to be buying more tinned food. I should probably be doing more than just think about it though!
    Petra x